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Last Wednesday we had elections for our community service group here at Olin- Supporting Encouraging and Recognizing Volunteerism. This group is responsible for exactly what it sounds like- working to help promote community service. Since we have community service hours here every week from 3-5pm on Friday, it's great to have service opportunities here on campus.

Oh wait- getting back on point- I'm going to be the Manager of Finance and Records for SERV next year. I'm really excited, because right now I'm planning a lighter course load, so I'll be able to get really involved with planning service activities for campus. I want to try to lower barriers of entry to people performing service by having more opportunities on campus, and also by helping schedule service at times when Olin students are free.

The Manager of Finance and Records is also responsible for several other things. First of all, taking minutes at weekly SERV meetings so ideas are recorded. The MFR also keeps track of all reimbursements and funding for service. Finally, and somewhat importantly, the MFR is responsible for being the SERV liason to CORe.

I'm particularly excited about this because it gives me a chance to try to spread SERV even further. Since CORe is supposed to be the liason between students-faculty-staff I'm hoping to get everyone involved in a big project this coming year. The interaction with CORe was actually how I became interested in the position. I was on CORe this year, and I was sad at not being on E-Board, and upon investigation the SERV MFR seemed to be the ideal role. I care about serving people off campus, and about Olin, and this is a good connection between the two.

So, potential-future-Olin-students (or current Olin Students), let me know: what cool service things do you do? What types of service would you like to see on campus?


Change of thoughts. This past weekend I went to NYC to visit my Grandma and Aunt. While I was there I saw three plays: the Coast of Utopia trilogy by Tom Stoppard. If you get a chance to see these plays, or any Stoppard, they were amazing. I highly recommend it. The plot centers around the Russian Revolution and the events around the time the serfs were freed. I also got to see the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I really liked the chance to get to be away from everything here for a bit. As much fun as Olin is, it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

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