From singers to speakers

These past two days we've had a lot of gatherings going on. I missed my Tuesday posting primarily because of Expresso Black, and Wednesday I was busy having Big Conversations. I apologize for the delay, but here I am!

Expresso Black, for those of you not in the know, is the uncensored version of Expresso, the school-wide talent show that happens once a semester. Because professors tend to bring their kids to Expresso, some of the more risque acts have to be toned down or left out. Expresso Black was a reaction to this, mostly initiated by the current seniors. It began with a handful of clean acts, including one act that I participated in, but soon moved into the realm of dirty sea shanty and hilariously read Harry Potter fanfic. All of these were peppered by jokes, gags, and songs performed by the great emcee, Lee. Not all of the acts were out for laughs, though, as the night finished off with a serious monologue that got the most applause of the night.

One of the things that felt the most fun to me was that I knew all of the people up on stage. Knowing that that girl gesturing at the crowd is actually your mild-mannered friend makes the act that much more amusing. Hearing people sing when you had no idea that they could is absolutely awesome. One of the group songs, an a cappella version of a Panic at the Disco! song, exhibited the vocal talents of at least one person who I had only heard sing once or twice. I'm glad that I can feel like I'm part of this community, even when that community is mostly singing songs overflowing with innuendo.

Our community came together again to listen, brainstorm, and discuss big issues, namely appropriate technology, the next day with Big Conversations. The headliner of the day was Amy Smith, an amazing woman, but the afternoon was filled with smaller activities that filled a variety of facets of this topic. I think, though, that Big Conversations deserves a more complete entry than this, so I will leave it up to one of my fellow bloggers to fill in. Until next week!

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