SNOW! and other such things…

First, it seems Mr. Hill wishes to challenge the other webloggers, and so his challenge shall be met. My writings, too, will have pictures.

Second, it snowed yesterday. YAY! Some basic information: I'm from Seattle, where we get rain, not snow. I'm now in Boston, where we get both. I was fairly excited. Actually this winter has been super mild, and this is our first major snow this year. And do you know what happens on the first major snow of the year? California Day! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, on the first major snow of the year, all the wonderful children who lived in warm or tropical climates emerge from their rooms wearing their cute little shorts and flip-flops with joy in their eyes and wonder in their hearts. To celebrate, they run around in the snow in...less than suitable attire, making snow angels (or angles, this is Olin after all) and generally trying to avoid hypothermia. It was great. I was sitting in my room doing some ICB when I looked outside to see a Californian and a Hawaiian, both in board shorts and no shirt, chasing each other around the Great Lawn. I heart Olin.

(Click the amazing "more" button for all of my wonderful pictures.)

Speaking of which, here are the first two pictures of the snow.

Valentine's Day Snow Part 2
Valentine's Day Snow Part 1

You'll notice that these have things like windows and lamps in them. Well...that's because I took these when I woke up this morning, and I really didn't want to leave my room. Speaking of my room, I'll provide you with some pictures so that you can get a good feeling for how much space we have here (remember, individual bathrooms, too. Not shown. Sorry).

My Room, My Side

Note: This is my side of the room. =)

My Room, Roommate's Side

This is my roommate's side of the room. The room came with the beds, desks, chairs, fridge and microwave, and we've added everything else.

Thanks for reading!

-Jeff Moore (Olin College, Class of 2010)

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