If I had to describe snow, it’d be wet sand. It does everything that sand does, but wet. And soft.

Snow forts? They’re basically sand castles.

Snow angels? You can do that on sand too, I think.

Snowball fights?

Yeah, okay, maybe there’s no equivalent for that last one. Probably for the best.

As a South Texan, who doesn’t travel far, I’ve only ever seen snow in Massachusetts. And, man, has there been snow! These past few weeks have gifted us not one, but two sizeable snowfalls. Enough snow to, let’s say, have a snowball fight between classes. Or build a large snow sculpture.

In fact, a couple of Oliners built an igloo out of snow and their know-how and determination!

Snow Fort

From left to right: Clone-vin, Kevin, and Nathan

Or, at least, something resembling an igloo. It was large enough for at least one person to sleep in it comfortably.

Snow Fort

More snow = Bigger Fort!

If you’ve a toboggan, it’s even possible to pull a Calvin & Hobbes down one of the slopes around campus. Of if you’ve an explorative urge, the Parcel B forest is just around the corner and looks incredibly stunning after a snowfall.

As long as you’ve got the attire, an Olin snowfall is a chance to go outside and build and frolic for hours. At any given point, there’s someone outside doing something absurd just waiting to be joined by their friends. So, really, there’s only one question left you’ve got to ask yourself:

Do you wanna build a snowman?

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