Spring Break!

Hey Olinsiders,

Sorry for the brief and disjointed update, but it's Spring Break and I am currently in Orlando seeking refuge from the endless winter back home.  Hopefully Massachusetts will be a bit warmer by the time I get back, but for now, I'll be soaking up as much sun as I can while I'm here!

flower&garden.JPGThe Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot in Disney World

This break was much needed in more ways than one.  Being an Olin student is fantastic, and I absolutely love it, don't get me wrong - but it's a lot of work too.  Beyond escaping the cold, I was also quite ready to take a mental breather.  

I've also just realized how close I am to being halfway done with Olin, and it's pretty weird.  It seems crazy that it could even be possible!  It feels like I've just started, but also like I've been at Olin forever.  I think that's an ideal place to be, though: feeling completely at home without losing the "magic" of first semester.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep it alive until I graduate.

Candidates' Weekends were great!  If you were there, perhaps I gave you a tour or even got to interview you.  I love that the whole Olin community gets to be so involved in the admissions process.  It's really cool to see Candidates get just as excited about Olin as I got during my CW!  All the Candidates I met this year were fantastic.  Good luck to you all - I know you'll do well wherever you end up!

Here's to a great Spring, wherever you are!

-Haley '17

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