Summer holiday!

Meena Vembusubramanian

I would first like to thank Jeff for the gentle reminder a few nights ago for me to get my rear end in gear and post again. Apparently I'm holding up the post ... wagon(?). Talking of which, discussions are underway within the remaining five of us, now that Ben has moved on, to try to figure out a new and hopefully improved system for the blog next semester. Our goal when we started out was to average six ever exciting entries a week, but actually accomplishing this with the current number of bloggers turned out to be harder than we expected. So we're hoping to get a couple more student bloggers on board, in addition to some guest posts from alumni/ anyone else that might have something relevant to say. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

On my end, given that we have just under a month of summer left before we get back to school, I'm scrambling to finish up at work, get through the tasks that need to get done while at home (eye doctor, dentist, eat a lot, etc etc) and maybe even get a start on grad. school stuff -- I'm scheduled to take my GRE's this Friday! Eeee! Between all that, I have been able to get away and enjoy the summer a good amount. Last week, my sister and I did a weekend trip to Washington DC to visit my friend and future suitemate, Keri, and just be shameless tourists. I'll let the pictures do the talking about the trip.

Here's my sister and I being ridiculously touristy, outside the US capitol building:

Keri's living and working in College Park, MD for the summer
, so we just crashed with her while we were there. This is her with a funky sculpture by an artist she likes, at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.Keri
And being the true to heart Olin junkies that we are, we were very excited to notice this while walking around the DC mall. If you don't recognize the Big Belly, check this out.

Later that night, we drove up to Baltimore to complete our day of being super touristy. Guess what we saw lining the main harbour area.


That's it for now, hope summer is treating everyone well!
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