Summer Time Postings

Well, with everyone else posting, I guess I'd better jump on that bandwagon before it tries to ford a river and our oxen die.

This summer has been amazing. I'm actually living in the dorms for 10 weeks and commuting to Gloucester, MA (pronounced Glah-stah). Part of me is screaming "Get away from Olin! You were here all of last year. It's like you can't let go!" and the other part counters "But why would I want to be anywhere else?" In general it was an interesting decision to make between the super sweet internship and spending this summer with my family. I chose the internship because I wanted a job where my mad-Olin-skillz could find a home, and not just another sales job, but I still feel like I've betrayed my mom or sister in someway. Maybe it's just part of this college-to-adult transition, or maybe I should get those voices checked out. I can't imagine they're healthy.

Otherwise, I am having a blast! Let's make a list of what I'm doing and how amazing it is.

Working a 40 hour week: Yea, it's pretty sweet. My internship roxors, too. I'm working for Varian Semiconductor in their software division. This company builds ion implanters (machines that take a charged particle, filter out all other particles, and implant it on a silicon wafer with exacting precision) and my team is trying to write a software simulator of their latest model. This simulator will allow our software people to test the control software on their computers instead of having to use one of the actual machines. Anyway, I'm the systems engineer, so it's my job to figure out how the darned thing works, understand all the physics that happening, and then make recommendations to my team on how to code it. It's teh hotness. Of course, my commute is 1 hour there and 1.5 hours back, which is killer. With my mpg, that's $20 a day. But the internship is well worth it.

Cooking for myself: Gasp! and I thought laundry was rough. Now I'm forced to prepare my own meals. Well, the first shocker was food. Yea, that's right, grocery shopping every week. The moniez, the time, and the consequences for not doing so were all shocking. Thankfully, I found a group of guys to make a cooking co-op with me. We each cook dinner once every four days. This way I don't have to worry about making dinner every night after work (that would be hard) and I can just worry about planning less than 2 meals a week. It's great.

Visiting Peoplez Everywhere: Right, we have somewhere around 40 students staying at Olin this summer, and maybe another 40 living in and around the Boston area (either as permanent residents or just renting a house or apartment over the summer). Just last weekend I visited my good friend Evan Morikawa (he's the kid with the glove) who is renting a house in Cambridge with two other Olin students and doing research in astronomy with Harvard. My friend Pam, who lives up in Dracut, came with me. The three of us first looked at pictures from the 3.5 weeks he spent in Europe with Christina, his girlfriend, then walked around Boston. First we fed ducks in Boston Common (technically, Boston Public Gardens), then walked to the Prudential Center, walked around the mall, and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (that was our weekly splurge. We can't really afford that all the time). Finally, we went back to Evan's house to watch Caddy Shack because Pam was going to start her Caddying job the next day.

Anyway, I'm doing this kind of thing left and right. There's a get together every Friday in Somerville that I usually stop by, and today I'm going up to Pam's with a few friend to celebrate the 4th. It's really really really cool to have all these Olin kids around when I'm restricted to only 40 hours a week. One of the things people love about Olin is the people, and I can now finally enjoy them.

E-Board: Yea, so student government doesn't rest over the summer. We're having a meeting tomorrow over AIM and I have to read the Annual Review before that. I've also been in touch with Wellesley (I'm the ambassador from Olin to Wellesley), but haven't made much progress on the front. But yea, I have plenty to fill my time, and, to counter the indomitable Jessi Murray, I do wonder if Olin students ever rest. I think the difference is that during the off season, we just do other things, but with the same intensity and schedule.

Anyway, I can't wait for the class of 2011 to get here. I need to start memorizing their names (a trick I mastered for my class). BTW, if anyone's talking to my Sibb this summer, make him e-mail me.

Enjoy your summers,

Jeff Moore, Class of 2010

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