The candidates are coming!

Brittany L. Strachota

I'm sitting in my room, supposed to be preparing for class (sorry, ProbStat), but I've got something on my mind.

Somehow, we have arrived at Candidates' Weekend I. It begins today. Not next week. Today.

There has been A LOT of preparation all over campus, and it's exciting to once again see it all happen.

Some things that have been going on/will be happening all too soon:

  • Design build preparation - My classmates have put together an AWESOME challenge for candidates to tackle with their teams. (Too bad I can't tell you anything about it.) But, not to worry; this exercise will not be evaluated.
  • The Tempest - The Franklin W. Olin Players (FWOP) have been rehearsing endlessly in preparation for performances over the first two Candidates' Weekends.
  • ICCA - Powerchords (our most well-established a capella group) are competing in a super cool intercollegiate competition this weekend. Wish them luck!
  • Interviewer training - Olin students are given the opportunity to interview the candidates and find out more about them as individuals and team players. I'll be seeing some of you later. :)
  • Pseudo Club Fair - Engineering Discovery will be putting on a bit of a show along with other clubs, such as Baja, Human Powered Vehicle, Butterfingers Juggling, and many more about which I am forgetting because I'm rather distracted.
  • Fire - Olin Fire Arts Club has been burning like mad to make sure their show is thrilling.
  • Dorm visits - Candidates get to hang out with us in our "homes" after the fire arts show. This year, I live on a floor open to visits. I've decided to embrace it as an opportunity to clean up my room... (Mom, if you're reading, I promise it's not that bad)


  • Relax and have some fun. No, this is not a trap. We like you much better when you're being yourself.
  • Sleep before Saturday. Sleeeeeep.
  • Wake up to some good music on Saturday morning (While I got ready for the day two years ago, I made it through the entire Feed the Animals (Girl Talk) album).
  • Talk with current Oliners. Make sure you find people with different opinions. Ask us what we dislike about the school.
  • When you're here, look for the girl with purple (well, closer to pink now, thanks to hard water) hair, whimsical shirts, and a permanent smirk. Also, be sure to visit my room! We have comfy chairs and (probably) good food. My roommate likes to bake.

I'm looking forward to meeting all of you! Safe travels and best of luck.

Other exciting things to tell you about later:

  • My first trip out of the country, wherein Nathaniel (of Nate and Luke fame) attempts to bribe a federal agent
  • Visiting the Museum of Science planetarium before it opened to the public
  • Engineering Discovery insanity
  • User Oriented Collaborative Design - I'm working with a team of fellow 2013ers (including Ais) to find the needs of people with body modifications (tattoos and piercings).
  • Going to the Packers v. Patriots game a while ago. And the wise subway operator we met on the way back to Olin.
  • The Packers are the 2011 NFL Champions! For the first time since 1997!
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