The Finish Line

It is difficult to graduate. Maybe the work is challenging, but getting it done is the most difficult when you're trying to answer questions about the "rest of your life." It doesn't help that this is all anyone can think of to ask a second semester senior: What's Next?

I'm siding with a few like-minded friends in saying "First things first." I've got business to attend to here at Olin. Maybe just 3 days of class and 2 weeks of work, but they're going to be full ones. That isn't to say I'm not keeping conversations with employers going, but I sure don't have many cycles to spare pondering which ones would provide personal satisfaction, professional development, security, inspiration, etc. Those very important issues will have to be addressed sometime after May 17th, Olin's fourth commencement.

Besides, my SCOPE project just crystallized into a startlingly compelling story! By this I mean that 2.5 late night hours getting feedback on a final report draft from our faculty adviser Ben Linder brought the picture of what we've created for our sponsor into focus. Our team's long trail of ambiguous-feeling product design exploration has crested onto a glistening mountaintop of clear problems with tractable solutions. I find myself all-but-psyched to hammer the year's results into a dazzling steely report that makes the sponsor think hard about the potential of executing the product we're proposing they manufacture. Let's hope this feeling get's me through Friday, when the report is actually due.

In 4 years, it has never been about doing more reasonable amounts of things. The key is to keep the fire burning that spurs you on; then the quantity of work pales in comparison to your desire to finish it.


The sudden burst of warmth has triggered flowery pyrotechnics all over campus.

Good luck with your finishings,


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