The most recent week of my life

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

10:00 - Go to the Hack Shack, organized by the now somewhat put on hold Archivd.

2:00 - Head back to my Castro apartment. Cook ravioli from Rainbow Grocery in my kitchen for lunch, finish packing.

5:00 - drop off keys at next subletter's office in the Mission

5:20 - get on bus to SF New Tech. Free ticket since Archivd is presenting!

5:22 - get off bus (stuck because of nasty motorcycle accident in intersection)

amongst the crowd of people staring at the motorcycle riders on the ground, see a confused looking man in a sport jacket.
tell him to follow me to get to SF New Tech.
he does, we talk, he advises me to go into SEO consulting.
I politely decline.

5:45 - arrive at SF New Tech. am bought a beer. eat free tacos for dinner. brag about Archivd's mention in the New York Times. eat more free tacos. am bought another beer. exchange business cards with people I like. run out of business cards. watch carlos demo archivd.

watch carlos exchange business cards

8:30 - still at SF New Tech. must cancel 9:00 ice cream date with cute boy. man in sport jacket looks over my shoulder; tells me his middle name is the same as cute boy's last name.
leave to talk to skinny girls handing out free neon green iPhone cases.

9:00 - CEO of sees my new iPhone case. buys me another beer.
wish there were more tacos.

10:00 - leave to go home to Oakland. forgot I had so much stuff from Castro apartment.

10:30 - find myself in Lake Merritt, having gotten on wrong BART train. read my email. iPhone battery dies. read my book. right train finally comes to take me home.

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

8:45 - barely make last express train from San Francisco to Palo Alto. ask conductor to validate my ticket. she kicks me off train

9:15 - get on slow train with validated ticket. do some web development work on the train

10:00 - go to microinvesting site's offices at Plug and Play.

12:00 - get kicked out of offices.

12:04 - learn company was squatting office space

12:32 - start working in cafe in Palo Alto. become mayor on foursquare.

6:30 - run to train. catch the fast one :)

8:00 - watch Sylvie's ('09) violin concert at San Francisco state university. fall in love with cello player.

Friday, July 10th, 2009

8:45 - get to financial district in SF very early. drink some coffee with all the "young professionals".

9:15 - go to real estate site's offices. think about Twitter, AdWords, and SEO a lot.
am invited to a barbecue at Sunnyvale Plug and Play offices by microinvesting site. am invited to the August Capital / TechCrunch party by real estate site. am invited to the August Capital / TechCrunch party by microinvesting site.

3:00 - decline all invitations to see a documentary on the 1992 death metal scene in Norway at Yerba Buena.

6:00 - meet up with Molly ('09) at Chutney for dinner.

7:00 - meet up with new roommates at Yerba Buena. learn the documentary is sold out.

8:00 - get drinks at a biker bar. want creme brulee. search for Street Food for Singles event, but cannot find it.

10:00 - go home.

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

11:00 - give back MacBook Air back to Archivd.

11:08 - arrive at train station for the 11:15 train to Olin NorCal party

11:12 - receive text message saying I should take the 1:15 train instead

11:22 - go to the hair cutters across the street. tell them to cut all my hair off.

2:00 - arrive at NorCal party. eat lots of free food. talk to oliners I haven't seen in 2+ years. talk to soon-to-be freshmen. stumble into the middle of a conversation about innovation at Olin on the porch between 06'ers and parents. quickly back away.

4:00 - cute boy sends me a text message inviting me to see Transformers. I ignore.

6:00 - Oliners force me to accept movie invitation.

7:30 - watch Transformers in IMAX! enjoy it if for no other reason than it was IMAX! and rumbley

10:30 - concur with cute boy that Transformers was too long. go to park with cute boy. feel bad for skipping out on Oliner's 23rd birthday party at Bootie. go to hipster bar.

12:13 - reluctantly catch last train back to east bay; first time actually sad I now live in Oakland

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

7:30 - wake up. head hurts. coat next to bed smells like beer. realize it's the first day in my new apartment that I don't have to be up early. go back to sleep.

9:30 - wake up again. shower.

10:30 - try to get web development environment set up on Windows. call four people. give up. try to reinstall ubuntu. give up.

2:00 - walk to graveyard. read my book.

5:00 - go grocery shopping.

7:00 - lots of people come over for salmon burger dinner. drink lots of wine.

10:00 - Tim ('09.5) tries to fix my computer. but doesn't.

Monday, July 13th, 2009

8:30 - decide to go to microinvesting site.

9:00 - regret earlier decision, but continue anyway.

8:15 - spend 30 minutes agonizing over whether to buy a $10 hair dryer at Walgreens. haven't used a hair dryer in many years, but suspect new hair cut warrants it.

8:30 - realize new haircut (specifically, bangs) is causing acne on forehead

8:50 - buy hairdryer and acne medication

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

8:30 - go to real estate site

11:00 - buy plane ticket to Seattle to visit Ducker ('09) and family.

5:30 - go to climbing gym for yoga class. feel like, after 2 years, I'm just finally beginning to understand the broader applications of the philosophy behind yoga. immediately feel cheesy for thinking so. saw old coworker taking off climbing shoes and currently debating between job offers from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. tell him to work for Facebook.

9:30 - catch up on life. write blog post for Olinsider.

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