The Obligatory CWE Post

Meena Vembusubramanian

Hey everyone,

I feel like this past week has just been consumed by my CORe responsibilities. Highlights include that we approved a bunch of new documentation, are debating more, and my favourite, we just got the ball rolling on our Annual Review. This is a huge deal -- my predecessor warned me in his transition document that the Annual Review process, if done wrong, will "destroy [my] soul beyond imagination," leaving me "only a shell of [my] former self." I went on a crazy organizational spree last week to try to insure myself against this, and I'm cautiously optimistic, but we'll see how it works out.

And okay, I just can't do it. I can't not talk about Candidate's Weekend on an Olin blog the week between the first one and the second.
Seeing and interacting with candidates and families excited and curious about Olin never fails to recharge my own excitement about being here, and always reminds me of the reasons behind why I chose Olin.

I feel like candidates are getting more impressive each year since I got here, and this past weekend was no exception. I also interviewed for the first time, which was an absolute blast, and left me that much more excited about having another talented new class come in to help shape Olin.

Having real and existent alumni around was also a huge plus, and made it feel as much like "a real school" as CWE ever will. We also managed to pull off the SWE Open House in the dorms on Saturday, which is a new development as of last year. It was concieved as a chill, low-key student only venue for candidates to relax in at the end of the weekend, and to really get a chance to get to know Olin students and ask them about their lives outside the classroom. So don't miss out when you're here!

Looking forward to meeting some of you this weekend,

- Meena

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