The Olin Glow

Hello OLINsiders!  I'm Michael, a first year at this spectacular school, originally from a little town in Northeastern MA, interested in BioE, beekeeping, and doing my best in the Olin community.  I found out about Olin online, but my visits were really what sealed the deal about this being the place for me.

And so far, I haven't had any doubts about that feeling being right.

First off, I can't believe it's only been four weeks.  My classmates have become some of my best friends, and I feel like I've known them for years.  We're already like a big happy family, and as cheesy as that sounds, it really is true.  It's amazing being able to walk into the dining hall and just sit anywhere, because everyone would be happy to have you join in with their table.

Next, the classwork has been totally true to how everyone described it.  Lots of work, lots of projects, and lots of fun.   No denying that Oliners earn their place on Princeton's #2 students study the most, but with Olin's do-learn model, the skill-building and creative thinking far outweigh any problem sets or busywork.  The professors are also great at not overworking us or sending us in too deep over our heads, such as how in Modeling and Simulation they've already revamped the curriculum to make sure we really knew what was going on in our latest project.  And of course, the Hoppers are getting into full swing.


Continuing down the Olin Continuum, there is an incredible amount of opportunity to try new things and really follow up on current interests.  I'm currently part of the Tango club (something I'd never have seen myself doing in high school), Beekeeping, Fiction with Admissions (a book club of sorts), TARDIS (the Doctor Who club), and Olin Volunteer Ambassadors League (meaning I might be giving tours to or hosting some of you fantastic Prospies), just to name a few, and am already starting some basic projects in one of the bio labs in my 'free time.'

And just like how engineering here at Olin "begins and ends with people," life here begins and ends with Oliners.  Between the guitar jams, Froyo runs, and a spectacular amount of puns, I've found a college beyond my wildest dreams.  And despite any thoughts that this may be a bit, well...

...I assure you, it's been all of that and more. (Disclaimer: I am still only four weeks in, and I'm not promising this for every Prospective student, but I'm certain that around this time next year some of you will be able to relate to my experiences thus far :) .)

tl;dr: This place is pretty fantastic.     


~Michael, c/o 2017

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