Virginia Tech

Yesterday, 30-some young people like me were killed. They study what I study, do the things I do- rush from class to rehearsal to class to speech to meal to work to friends to sleep. People with hopes and dreams and interests, brilliant curious people, just college kids like me. Students with their own nerdy jokes and analytical discussions like mine, with ideas just as big, just as small. Young adults just as consumed in their storm of clubs, projects, assignments. People just as stressed about their over-stuffed to-do list for the next week, just as focused on passing their next exam, and just as thrilled by the painting they experienced over the weekend or the song they just heard. Creatures just as relieved to put down problem sets to sing or play or dance. People sighing like me as they put their head down into the 3rd day of rain and the hard start of another week's work, highs and lows. More than 30 people just like me were killed yesterday. Killed by another just like us.

I'm sure details of all levels will come out to satisfy our horrified curiosity. I wonder if they can answer the shocked questions we, the public, or we, the nation's students might ask. They're the same questions we've asked before. Could it happen to me? What would such horror do to me? Or a loved one? What does it mean when young people gun down their peers? Why does it happen again and again? Are we still shocked, or does repetition approach normalness? What is it about the way we live that twists and grinds people to do this? Are security or surveillance acceptable solutions? How does this tragedy shape our vision of the futue? How do we go on? And where are we going on to?

I have no answers. I am sorry for everyone that felt this happen.

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