What to Bring for Your First Year at Olin

Hey, I hope all you Class of 2022 Oliners are excited. Here are a couple of lists that will help you decide what you need to bring to Olin as a first year. Thank you to Brandon Zhang (2021), Katie Thai-Tang (2021), Raquel Dunoff (2021), Sherrie Shen (2021), Anna Griffin (2021), Melissa Anthony (2021), and Anusha Datar (2021) for helping me add to this list.

Things your room comes with:

  • 2 beds complete with mattress
  • 2 desks with drawers, 2 small cabinets, 2 wardrobes, 2 shelves, 2 office chairs
  • a micro fridge and microwave
  • a bathroom with shower and toilet
  • a sink with a mirror
  • a trash can and recycle bin
  • Air-conditioning and heat

Things supplied by the Trash Room (Facilities):

  • toilet paper
  • trash bags
  • brooms and vacuums

You should DEFINITELY bring:

  • your wallet (cash, debit card, IDs, health insurance card) and maybe your passport
  • Twin XL bed sheets and comforter (most students also recommend a mattress topper)
  • A pillow and pillow cases
  • toiletries (shampoo/conditioner/body soap/deodorant/toothbrush/toothpaste)
  • Makeup/brushes
  • hair ties and comb
  • razor (I forgot mine freshman year… oops)
  • shower curtain (you get one but it’s kinda gross)
  • bath mat (the showers tend to spill over)
  • towels (bath, hand, dish, and optional beach)
  • pads/tampons
  • lamp (it helps when your roommate wants the lights off but you need to finish some work and also because the lighting is bad)
  • tools (there’s a Olin recommended list and a Design Nature list). For the first year you can get away with a utility knife, a ruler or two, a hot glue gun, scissors, pliers, and a screwdriver set with Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers. Don’t forget to get a toolbox as well!
  • your favorite cutting tool (exacto blade, hacksaw, utility knife, leatherman, etc.)
  • your favorite adhesive (super glue, hot glue, gorilla glue, duct tape) (we have some on campus but it tends to disappear)
  • your favorite drawing utensil (colored pencils, markers, pastels, any art supplies)
  • USB or bluetooth mouse (for CAD or photoshop)
  • school supplies: (list is Olin specific) a sketchbook, backpack, paper, like 5 spirals for entire year, pencils, pens, colors, glue sticks, binders for organization (optional), flash drive, and a ruler.
  • headphones; phone chargers
  • your glasses
  • medicine you take and a first aid kit (Advil/Tums/Neosporin/cortisone/Band-Aids/etc.)
  • laundry stuff (soap, dryer sheets, hangers, hamper)
  • some warmer clothes (you definitely can and should bring more over winter break, it starts to get cold around Thanksgiving)
  • outerwear (I like having one light sweater, one windbreaker, and one warm sweater at the start of the year, but I’m picky about not being cold. A snow jacket can wait for after the first break)
  • at least one professional outfit for presentations, career fairs or interviews
  • dish soap, a sponge, a bowl, a mug, a fork and spoon
  • paper towels, cleaning wipes, cleaning spray, gloves, and a toilet brush
  • push pins (command strips are not a favorite of many students)
  • air freshener (your shoes smell gross? you forgot to take out the trash?)
  • a shower rack for toiletries
  • a curtain and tension curtain rod (the room comes with blinds, depends how dark you want it to be)

You MIGHT want to bring:

  • your car or bike (if you do this there’s some paperwork to do as well)
  • trashcan for your bathroom
  • electric kettle
  • reusable water bottle
  • reusable travel mug
  • Ziplocs and/or Tupperware
  • fairy lights/led strips
  • snacks that remind you of home (snacks in general)
  • photos/mementos
  • speakers
  • power strips
  • ethernet cable
  • batteries
  • extra sitting things like chairs
  • A step stool (the beds are really high up)
  • wall and room decorations
  • A handheld vacuum cleaner (coordinate this with your roommate)
  • instruments
  • personal sports equipment (Oliners can go ice skating for free at the Babson rink, if you bring your own skates)
  • boots are good for snow and for going into parcel b

You DON'T need to bring:

  • everything from home
  • anything you’ve never used before that isn’t required (e.g. alarm clock if you always use your phone, shower caddy if you’ve never needed one before, planner for us non-planners) you probably won’t use it!
  • an extra laptop
  • power tools
  • a full fridge of groceries
  • a mini fridge or microwave
  • a sofa
  • your social security card or birth certificate (you might need a copy of one of these to work on campus though)
  • books
  • iron
  • a printer
  • nerf guns
  • boardgames

Serna: Most stuff I needed fit in my luggage. You also get to send stuff to your mailbox closer to the start of the school year. I sent in most of the bulky stuff I needed to get and ordered off the internet like the bed sheets and lamp. Upperclassmen also sell stuff at the beginning of the year like lofts and sofas.

Melissa: On move in day all the stuff I ordered was in my room already. We all drove in a loop behind the dorms to unload our stuff into a bin, and then stood in line to load the bin onto the elevator so we could get to our room. If I had only had a few suitcases I could’ve avoided all the line-standing.

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