You think *you’re* excited?

Meena Vembusubramanian

Whoa, comments! Encouragement! Looks like Allison finally has a link up to this blog from hers! I'm psyched!

This past Wednesday, Charlie Nolan, Olin's VP of External Relations and Dean of Admissions came to our CORe General Assembly meeting, just to give us the scoop on what's been going on with admissions this year, plus talk to us about how he sees Olin having changed/ grown in the past 3-4 years. (A little background: Charlie was one of Olin's first employees, and helped hand pick the classes of '06 and '07, after which he spent some time in a different part of the country, where I hear there's none of this nasty snow business. He's back again as of this year.)

I don't think hearing him -- or anyone really -- talk about growing interest and enthusiasm for Olin is going to get old anytime soon! As cliche as it may sound, the feeling's still a lot like watching my little sister ride her bike without training wheels for the first time: warm, tingly, and "Oh-my-God-we're-here-already!"

Earlier this afternoon, I was talking to some of my friends involved in designing and planning Candidate's Weekend related activities, and shockingly enough, we ended up reminiscing about our own CWe's. I was wondering if I would be too burnt out or busy or just OLD to have fun at this year's CWe's, but now, I'm recharged again. Specifically, I can't wait to see the design-build activity this year! And "after Olin" panels with non-hypothetical alumni! Charlie! (Not related, but still exciting)!

And Emily, I can answer one of your questions right away, one I have an answer to but need time (preferably not at 3am -- why am I blogging now anyway??) to make sure I articulate it right, and the last one is just a really tough question.

First, the show: it's this coming Friday (!!!), so this week promises to be a little crazy. It's been described as a "racy" show that discusses taboo subjects such as female sexuality and violence against women in an engaging manner. Colleges campuses across the country put up the show around Valentine's Day, and proceeds typically go towards local charities. This year's production is going to be the 3rd Babson-Olin production.

Next: Crazy schedules, getting work done, sleeping etc -- phew. This is a big one for me that I've thought a lot about, and am ironically enough, too tired to do justice to right now. How about this: I promise to have a good answer to this by next time?

Last: my favourite Olin memory. Tough! I don't know if I can identify which one would win. Some of the top choices that come to mind include my first Candidate's Weekend on the other side, our first commencement ceremony last year, last year's winter formal, my birthday last year, Olin Expo this past semester... hmm, I'll have to think about this one. A lot.

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