Okay. I know. When I said late March at Candidates’ Weekends, you were hoping not quite this late. But here we are at last: Olin admission decisions are out! I am SO excited.

Candidates’ Weekends were AMAZING. While our on-campus Candidates may have grown tired of hearing it, it truly was incredible to be back in-person! I met so many fascinating, humble, kind, funny and wickedly smart Candidates. While exhausting, CWs are absolutely my favorite time of year. I am grateful for every member of the Olin community that contributed to CW. I am especially thankful for the outstanding CW planning and execution by the Admission and Financial Aid team. And I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Candidates who interrupted your regularly scheduled lives to join us in Needham or via Zoom and sharing your story with us.

After CW, my job shifts dramatically from perhaps the one of the best, most fun deanships in higher education to one of the most difficult. As you heard (repeatedly) at CWs Olin is a small place. We are so fortunate to have a deep and talented group of applicants and Candidates. I have seen every file, read every CW reflection from our interviewers, and met nearly every Candidate. This reality makes every decision personal and especially poignant. The Admission Committee made every decision with great care and consideration.

If you haven’t logged into your applicant status page yet, before you do, take a breath. Often, we are so focused on where we are going, we don’t take the time to appreciate where we are and where we have been. Take a breath and be proud of who you are right now. If you did not complete your CW homework (which was to thank your families, teachers, friends, and mentors for helping make you the amazing people you are today!), now’s the time!

Some Candidates received joyful news, some disappointing news, and some that may take a little more time to process. To our Class of 2027 admits, we have plenty of time to celebrate! If we didn’t admit you, know it’s more about us and our size than it is about you and your future… and it’s truly our loss. If you’re hanging on the waitlist, read this.

I know you have many excellent options for college. If Olin is among them, check out your Admitted Student Portal for all the details about visiting and engaging with Olin as you reach your final decision. And reach out- as often as you need. We are here to help.

I wish you all the very best of luck!

- Emily Roper-Doten

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