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Student Alumni Engagement Fund

Class of 2013

The members of the Class of 2013 established a fund to endow and support Olin student and alumni engagement. It is their wish that the gift fund and the future endowment work to support expanding these initiatives to include, but not be limited to, an engaging, hands-on, project-based spring break class offered to current Olin students taught by an Olin alum. The topic can be chosen by the alum based on his or her knowledge, passion and experience. For example, the alum’s travel expenses and required class materials could be paid for by this fund. The goal in their senior year was to gather pledge commitments from at least 80% of the class. Please contact the Development office if you have inquiries pertaining to the gift agreement.


Fundraising Goal

Yearly contributions designated for the Class of 2013 Olin Alumnus Position Fund will be accumulated in a temporarily restricted fund (a fund designated for use by this program only). When an accumulated total of $25,000 is reached, the $25,000 will be transferred to a permanently restricted endowment fund. According to the gift agreement, $2,500 is the maximum amount to be spent each year and the remaining accumulates in the temporarily restricted fund until the endowment minimum is reached (see above).   

Fund Update

Total in the fund at the close of FY17= $16,520
FY18 funds raised as of March 2018= $0
Update as of January 2018 
Looking at opportunities for alumni engagement with students as the academic year progresses.