Thinking about applying to graduate school?

As you likely know, graduate school is for those who feel that their education would be more complete if they delved deeper into a particular topic or field of study. It’s also for people who are passionate about a particular field of study who need to earn an advanced degree in order to take the next step in their careers.

Graduate schools often admit students directly after completing their undergraduate studies. Other times, a school prefers that students have relevant work experience before they are admitted. This is especially true in design and MBA programs.

It’s a good idea to understand your reasons for pursuing a graduate education. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What career would I like to pursue and does this career require an advanced degree?
    • If so, do I need a master’s degree or a PhD?
  • Can I handle school for another two to six years or do I need a break?
  • Do I really know where my passion lies and what degree is the best for my career goals?
  • Do I want to study a certain discipline just for the love of it? 
  • Can I afford to attend graduate school?
    • If cost is an issue, should I attend school part-time and work or attend school full-time and take out loans?
    • Is it possible to go to work for a company that may be willing to pay for some or all of my grad school?

If you’re considering graduate school but aren’t convinced that it’s the right decision, please feel free to make an appointment to speak with both Sally Phelps and your academic advisor.

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