Exploring Medical School

Getting Started - Graduate school advisor, Aarti Chellakere and Professor Alisha Sarang-Sieminski are excellent resources if you are interested in a career in medicine or health care. They can give you advice on pursing a medical career or a related profession, such as dentistry, veterinary practice or public health. They can also guide you through the application process. In addition, there are numerous print and electronic resources available to you in the PGP (CC 314) library.  To get started, you may want to review Dr. Janey Pratt’s Information for Students Interested in Medical School and take a look at the Medical School Application Calendar, for medical school applicants to use during the spring semester of their senior years.

The AAMC has excellent resources on their website for applicants including information on the new MCAT 2016. An important step in the application process is collecting letters of recommendation. This recommendation letter request form provides guidelines while the Guidelines for Writing Letters of Evaluation for Medical School document by the AAMC is a must share with your letter writers.   

 For more information, read 2008 class member Carmelle Tsai’s notes for pre-med Oliners. Also, the general medical school timeline can help you plan your deadlines. Your first step should be to meet with both the graduate school advisor and your academic advisor. Don’t worry if you haven’t completed every action item in the timeline. Your meetings with your graduate school advisor and your academic advisor can help you plan a course of action.