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This is an archived page.  The program will not run in 2016.

Welcome to the SEER Program 

for STEM Undergraduates and Teachers:

Olin College of Engineering is engaged in an ambitious research program to understand and improve the educational experience of engineering undergraduates. The Olin SEER Program is a Research Experience for Undergraduates/Research Experience for Teachers site with the goal of advancing this work by providing undergraduate students and K-12 teachers the opportunity to become part of a learning community in engineering education.  Funded by the NSF, The SEER Program focuses on collaborative, faculty-mentored research and formative activities, including a short course in educational research methods. Program participants have found that such research experiences give them new perspectives on the field of engineering and on their own educational or teaching experiences.

With a beautiful, modern campus in the suburbs of Boston, Olin has easy access to both the cultural life of Boston and recreational activities in the larger area. Olin is a close-knit academic community, with student and faculty researchers in a range of engineering and non-engineering fields.

For undergraduates:
Olin College's Research Experiences for Undergraduates is a ten-week residential summer program which provides participants with the opportunity to partner closely with faculty who are working on understanding and improving the engineering student experience. The program includes research, educational, cultural and social activities, and housing, a travel allowance, and a meal allowance are provided. We are especially interested in recruiting participants who are early in their undergraduate careers, who are members of historically underrepresented groups, or who are considering or reconsidering a decision to major in engineering. For more information, please email us at

For teachers:
Olin College's Research Experiences for Teachers provides K-12 teachers with the opportunity to engage in translational research, engage as a mentor with undergraduates, and advance their knowledge of pedagogical methods. During the summer, participants will develop a research plan for a project at their home institution, to be carried out during the following academic year. They will be expected to report on their progress and findings midway through the year and in the summer of 2016. A stipend will be provided during the summer, with supplements during the school year. We are especially interested in recruiting participants who are early in their teaching careers, who teach diverse populations, and who are considering a decision to teach in engineering. For more information, please email us at

If you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate student (graduating after June 2015) or teaching a STEM subject, and are a US citizen or permanent resident, we would love for you to consider joining our learning community. Please explore this site to learn more about the SEER Program. Click here for more information on how to apply.

SEER final poster session

If you plan to join us, please let us know here.

The posters to be presented include:

Rube Goldberg Machines as Tools for the Integration of Access, Cooperation, & Playful Exploration in Secondary Education
Jenny Jung
Cooper Union
Kaitlin O'Rourke
Syracuse University

Outside the Identity Dichotomy: the Development of Engineers
Teri LaForest
University of Michigan

Student Identity Development through Self-directed Learning in the First Semester
Laura Lilienkamp
Smith College
Lauren Van Beek
University of St. Thomas

African American women with engineering degrees: Where are they now?
Athena Lin
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Mauricio Uyaguari
Trinity College

Developing Conceptions of Engineering Design in Project-Based Design Courses
Tyler Lindow
University of California, San Diego

Student Perceptions of Non-Contributors in Engineering Project Teams
Emily Miller
The Ohio State University

Changes in Academic Self Confidence and Self Efficacy
Lauren Muncie
Michigan State University

Stories from engineering design courses: When do students feel they're really learning?
Anna C. Render
Smith College

Instability of Students’ Motivation in Undergraduate Chemistry Courses: Where Is it Coming From?
Robert Siegel
Olin College
Emilia Tanu
University of Maryland-College Park

Project Tasks, Team Roles and Self-Efficacy Changes in Design Courses
Alexandria Steiner
University of Michigan

In what ways, if any, does social justice mathematics curriculum affect mathematical literacy of high school students?
Benadette Manning
Teacher, Fenway High School

How can design tasks using Maker Spaces alter students' metacognitive experiences in disciplines requiring mathematics and writing?
Stacey Reed
Teacher, Wayland Middle School