The SCOPE Partnership

The Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE) typically takes place over one academic year. Each team of four to six students is “built” through the diligent efforts of both students and faculty to meet the technical challenges of each project. Every team has access to all of the facilities and resources of the college to support the project.

The program has a number of support structure mechanisms working behind the scenes at Olin to help each team succeed. The first of these is the faculty advisor, who mentors the team, makes sure the team is on track and facilitates their access to appropriate resources.

We also identify appropriate additional subject matter educational experts (SMEEs) for each team. These are Olin faculty and affiliates with experience in the technical area of the project, as well as in running large projects, who act as additional resources for the SCOPE teams. Students participate in internal design reviews during which they present their ideas and project status and get critical feedback from faculty and SMEEs, as well as other student teams.

The sponsor’s involvement

  • Provides a challenging engineering problem that has significance to the sponsor
  • Provides a $55,000 sponsorship fee to Olin to support the program
  • Provides access to corporate, technical and market expertise, hardware and test facilities, as needed
  • Provides background information for the team, including perspective on how the team’s work will benefit the company
  • Designates a liaison who is committed to direct, open, honest communication with the student team; who can get information to the team quickly as questions arise; who helps the team access other resources as necessary

Olin’s involvement

  • Olin provides a world-class student engineering team, a faculty advisor, a dedicated, professionally equipped work space and ongoing workshops and training for the SCOPE students to support them in their project roles
  • Teams have access to the Olin technology base and an Olin technical expert group, as well as the Olin laboratory and machine shop facilities

Communication and reporting

  • Each team’s project manager provides weekly progress reports to the corporate partner’s liaison to ensure that the project is meeting their goals
  • SCOPE teams hold frequent reviews of their design and engineering work and get feedback from faculty and industry advisors
  • Students and faculty function under appropriate non-disclosure agreements to protect sensitive interests of the sponsors.
  • The teams deliver mid-year and final presentations and reports to the sponsors.

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