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Ethanol Reformer for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
This team researched a promising renewable source of energy.
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Linder
Team Members:  Amanda Blackwood, Etosha Cave, Clara Cho, Susan Fredholm, Jeff Satwicz, Molly Trombley-McCann


Boston Scientific

Instruments for Less Invasive Alternatives to Surgery
This team addressed the issue of saving lives through less invasive medical technology.
Team 1 -  Faculty Advisor: Jessica Townsend
Team Members: Jacob Basson, Ransom Byers, Alexander Dillon, Tom Kochem
BoSci poster 1
Team 2 - Faculty Advisor: Gill Pratt
Team Members: Joles Arnold, Jay Gantz, Emma Goodman, Jacob Graham, Dylan Sanders-Garrett
BoSci poster 2


Dawn Solar Systems

Roof-Integrated Solar Thermal System
The Dawn Solar project team investigated clean, renewable power using externally integrated solar thermal collection systems.
Faculty Advisor : Jessica Townsend
Team Members: Jon Chambers, Que Anh Nguyen, Bret Richmond, Sara Schwalbenberg, Polina Segalova, Greg Neufeld, Holly Mead
Dawn Solar poster


Draper Laboratory

Mobile Robot Navigation in GPS-Denied Environments
The goal of this project was to enhance robot navigation by addressing the problem of mobile robot navigation in GPS-denied environments.
Faculty Advisor: David Barrett
Team Members: Steve Krumholz, Joy Poisel, Mikell Taylor, Janet Tsai


John Deere

Intelligent Vision System for Unmanned Agricultural Vehicles
This team investigated unmanned vehicle technology in farming through the development of an intelligent vision system.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Chang
Team Members: Tom Cecil, Sarah Leavitt, Dan Lindquist, Chris Murphy, Ann Marie Rynning
John Deere poster



Enterprise System For Informal and Ad-Hoc Collaboration
The MITRE project focused on the development of a "digital diary" concept for social interaction.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Somerville
Team Members: Mike Curtis, Ben Donaldson, Jesus Fernandez, Frances Haugen
Seth Heltsley
MITRE poster



Location-Based Services for Mobile Devices
This team explored the leading edge of wireless pervasive computing.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Chang
Team Members: Michael Crayton, Sutee Dee, Drew Harry, Sean Munson, Kevin Tostado, Adam Chasen
Motorola poster


Nortel Networks

Metaphors to Simplify Network Management Applications
The goal fo this project was to create new models to simplify network application management.
Faculty Advisor: Allen Downey
Team Members: Luis Cabezas, Grant Hutchins, James Krejcarek. Steve Shannon, Jerzy Wieczorek
Nortel poster


F. W. Olin College of Engineering

In-Clinic TB Diagnosing System
This SCOPE team developed an improved TB diagnostic using the latest advances in technology to develop a small, portable, robust system.



Expanding Beverage Product Accessibility
The goal of this project was to expand the market for a popular Pepsi product using new, innovative techniques.
Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Linder
Team Members: Kathleen Dupaya, Matt Hill, Leighton Ige, Cheryl Inouye, Kim McCraw
Krystin Stafford



Road Detection Algorithm for Autonomous Path Following
The SAIC team researched a "road-following" robot that used a road detection algorithm for autonomous path following.
Faculty Advisor: Allen Downey
Team Members: Ben Bloom, Will Clayton, Mike Foss, Kathy King, Sarah Zwicker
SAIC poster



Vision Agribotics

Robotic Tractor
This project explored the development of a robotic tractor that could perform multiple farm tasks, such as plowing, disking and spraying, while increasing productivity and creating a safer work environment.
Faculty Advisor: David Barrett
Team Members: Kate Blazek, Julie Connelly, Adam Horton, Sarah Oliver, Katie Rivard,
Nicholas Zola
Vision Agribotics poster