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Cost Models for Surface Treatment Processes
The aPriori SCOPE team helped aPriori expand the number of processes supported by their software by developing cost models for a range of Surface Treatment Processes such as painting and plating.
Faculty Advisor: Matt Jadud
Team Members: Avery Anderson, Ben Hayden, Ruth Hunter, Lindsay Redmond, Ionel Stroe, Bradford Westgate
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Boston Scientific

Team 1 - Pleural Cavity
The Boston Scientific-Pleural team worked on a minimally invasive method to visualize the pleural cavity and take biopsy samples to aid in the diagnosis of pleural effusions.
Faculty Advisor: Gill Pratt
Team Members: Dewi Harjanto, Karen Levi, Kyle Rader, Kristen Richter, Ray Young
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Team 2 - Elastic Band Ligation
The main goal of the project was to provide Boston Scientific with a prototyped design that increased the product's manufacturability and met the needs of their customers.
Faculty Advisor: Jessica TownsendTeam Members: Liana Austin , Louise Cornelius , Nancy Doremus , Elizabeth Kneen , Margaret McCahon 
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Polymer Foam for Laser Printer Toner Roll
The Lexmark SCOPE team researched and developed a new type of polymer foam for the toner adder roll component of laser printers.
Faculty Advisor: Jon Stolk
Team Members: Jared Frey, Anne Itsuno, Amy Lee, Kerin O'Toole, Elizabeth Sterling
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Collaborative Environments
MITRE asked the team to look at future collaborative environments, tools and workspaces to nurture these abilities and gain insight into novel ways to accomplish traditional knowledge worker tasks.
Faculty Advisor: Mark Chang
Team Members: Matthew Aasted, Alexander Davis, Jeffrey DeCew, Matthew Donahoe, Douglas Ellwanger, Linda Nelson 
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Nortel Networks

Health Care for the Elderly
The Nortel SCOPE team developed a product related to health care for the elderly, with an emphasis on telecommunications technology.

Faculty Advisor: Mark Chang
Team Members: Vivek Bhatnagar, Samuel Freilich, Erin Karagjiozi, Duc Nguyen, Connor Riley, Anthony Roldan, Christopher Stone
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F.W. Olin College of Engineering

Improving an Existing Wood Burning Stove Design
This project aimed to improve an existing wood burning stove design by Estufas Ixiles Stove Co., an initiative of Community Enterprise Solutions.
Faculty Advisor:  Jessica Townsend
Team Members: Christopher Carrick, Ryan Hubbard, Melina Martinez, Carmell Tsai, Stephen J. Westwood
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Pratt & Whitney

Station Probe
The team focused on the design of the probe-environment control systems and the integration of last year's team's work into a prototype system. The environment control system ensured the accuracy and precision of the pressure and temperature sensors.

Faculty Advisor: Chris Lee
Team Members: Zachary Borden, Jeffrey Dezso, Alexander Jenko, Kathryn Peters, Jonathan Tse
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Team 1 - Biosensor to Monitor Health by Checking Levels of Various Compounds in Urine
The team researched urine and biosensors and developed a system to monitor health by regularly checking levels of various compounds in urine and transmitting the information to physicians.
Faculty Advisor: Alisha Sieminski
Team Members: Jonathan Provo, Vito Ruiz, Shiven Ruparel, Rebecca Scholl, Tiana Veldwisch, Justin Wong

Team 2 - Intelligent unmanned orchard farm tractor
This team developed a robotic tractor that performed multiple farm tasks, with a view toward increasing productivity and creating a safer work environment.
Faculty Advisor:
Dave Barrett
Team Members: Adam Bry, Mark Cavolowsky, Andrew Kalcic, Erin Kelley, Aleksander Lorencs
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Rockwell Automation

Microfluidic Sensor Chip
The Rockwell Automation SCOPE team identified, assessed and developed a viable business application for a MEMS based microfluidic sensor chip.
Faculty Advisor: Chris Lee
Team Members: Hans Borchardt, Jonathan Cass, Helen Lewis-Rzeszute, Eric Munsing, Meenakshi Vembusubra
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Autonomous Surface Craft
The Schlumberger SCOPE project focused on devloping a platform capable of doing underwater acoustic imaging.
Faculty Advisor: Brian Bingham
Team Members: Kristina Cary, Andrew Coats, Christopher Dellin, Nicholas Hays, Peter Massari

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Vision Robotics

Automated Fruit Picker
The Vision Robotics SCOPE team conceptualized, designed, and prototyped an automated fruit picking end effector for use by the tree fruit industry.
Faculty Advisor: Ben Linder
Team Members: Maria Firstenberg, Conor Frackleton, Eugene Kozlenko, Joseph Roskowski, Simone Sequeira, Alec Shobin
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