Applicant Requirements

·        All applicants must be full-time matriculated students at Olin College during the summer internship, which must occur before their last semester or during the first summer after their last semester and the following fall semester (graduating seniors are eligible)

·        All applicants must be in good standing with Olin College

·        Previous grant winners are not eligible to apply for another grant

·        Undocumented students must have DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival) for the entirety of the internship

·        Deadline: We recocomend you submit your application by the end of December 2019. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting in January 2020, and will be accepted until all spots are full.

Internship Requirements

·        Must be with a non-profit or public sector host organization, either national or international; exceptions will be made for studios run by an individual

·        Cannot take place at Olin or with an Olin faculty member(s)

·        Cannot intern for an organization at which the applicant interned before

·        Must be full-time, totaling 10 weeks or more (assume 40 hours per week) and completed by 8/31

·        Must be unpaid

·        Must be a single internship with one sponsor (2 part-time internships are not eligible)

·        Must be completed and supervised on site at or with the host organization

·        Must be in-person, no virtual internships (typically no home-office internships either) 
Update summer 2020: Remote working, if necessary, will be allowed due to extraordinary measures taken around virus protections

·        Independent and unsupervised internships will not be considered (must be interning for a host organization)

·        Pay-to-participate international or domestic internship programs will not be considered

·        Organization cannot be owned or run by a member of the applicant’s immediate family

·        Supervisor may not be a family member

Potential Organizations (a few of the many possibilities)

·       Performing arts - e.g. theatre companies or dance troupes

·       Groups communicating and preserving culture - e.g. arts museums, civil rights museums, or groups documenting the people's history

·       Fine arts or crafts studios - e.g. individual artists or artist collectives

·       Language or literature projects - e.g. language learning organizations or urban centers for civic engagement

·      Architecture practices - e.g. architects focused on civic installations or institutions, such as hospitals or schools

·      Community religious groups - e.g. Groups engaged in matters of civic life

Selection Criteria

·        Planned engagement in substantive and supervised work related to possible life choices or pathways

·        Potential to contribute to the organization and society

·        Opportunities to make connections between alternate habits of mind, dispositions, and knowledge developed and those required in a possible alternate career

·        Advancement in the direction of a possible career or future education

Support Provided

·        Up to 4 fellowships per summer starting in 2018 and continuing through 2020

·        A stipend of $8000 per fellowship

·        Half of the stipend will be dispersed at the beginning of the summer and half in the middle

Requirements for Supported Students

·        Maintain prompt and professional communication with your internship contacts AND us

·        Attend a required pre-internship orientation meeting held in early May

·        Treat your role as a job and perform your assigned role to the best of your ability during your internship

·        Be respectful of your hosts and the cultural context in which you find yourself

·        Let us know promptly if you have any issues during your internship, so we can assist in resolving them

·        Create at least three reflective forms of narrative media to document and share observations and ideas about the role of the engineer in an arts and humanities context during and after your internship

·        Receive and provide us with a final evaluation from your internship supervisor

·        Participate in an informational post-internship interview

·        Share about your experience with potential new participants and campus visitors

Ready to apply?  The application is HERE. 

Banner photo credit: © Jorge Royan / / CC BY-SA 3.0