Committee for Clubs and Organizations


Committee for Clubs & Organizations (CCO)


CCO is a branch of student government responsible for approving funding requests for clubs and organizations at Olin College.


2019-20 Leadership Team:

 A photo of Evan New-Schmidt, Vice-President of Finance for Student Government 2018-19  A photo of Meg Ku  Kyle Emmi, Student Government Vice-President of Finance, 2019-20

Evan New-Schmidt

Director, Committee for Clubs & Organizations (CCO)

Meg Ku

Assistant Director, Committee for Clubs & Organizations

Kyle Emmi

Vice-President of Finance for Student Government


How to start a club/org:

1) Find interested members

2) Submit a roster (list of members) and charter to CCO at

3) Once your charter has been approved, you will be contacted to schedule a time to complete spending training and hazing training

4) Complete the Risk Assessment Form for your Club

5) Have every club member complete a Risk Waiver

 Be sure to check out the Student Group Guidebook for more information on starting a club/org (link at top of page).


How to make purchases:

Want to make a purchase on behalf of a club? Please submit this Spending Request Form at least two days ahead of time. CCO will send you an email approving or denying your request. If approved, spend away! If your response is time sensative, email CCO once you've submitted the form.

Unlike Clubs, Organizations have pre-determined budgets set at the beginning of the year. As such, they do not need to request funding from CCO, and can instead spend at their own discression. Organizations may reach out to either CCO or CORe during the year to request a budget increase for proposed large-scale activities that require additional funds.


How to use a p-card or get reimbursed:

After spending your approved money, fill out the Post-Spending Form, then tape the receipt to a piece of paper and leave it in the mailbox on the corkboard in the East Hall kitchen.


How do I make sure to get the tax exemption on my purchase? 

If you are using the P-Card, Olin's tax exemption number is on the front of the card and you should show this to the cashier. Some businesses require tax exemption forms, which are available in the kitchen next to the p-card safe.