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College Withdrawal Policy

At times, the Dean of Student Life (or his/her designee) may require a student to withdraw from Olin College for academic or any other reasons, without following Honor Code procedures. Students who are required to withdraw may not reenroll at Olin without written approval from the Office of Student Life.

Students may wish to leave Olin College prior to completing their degree. Such a decision may be difficult to make. Therefore, we encourage students to discuss the situation with their faculty adviser and the Assistant Dean of Student Life for Advising. A student should consider whether a Leave of Absence might provide a more suitable means for them to address the underlying circumstances for the withdrawal. The student’s decision to withdraw indicates she or he does not intend to return. Students who need a leave of absence should follow the procedures described below for requesting a leave. Dropping all registered courses does not automatically result in an official withdrawal from the College. Financial Aid recipients who drop all registered courses and/or officially withdraw from the college prior to the 60% point of a semester should note that this action will result in a review of their financial aid eligibility and a possible refund of monies to the Department of Education.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students can voluntarily withdraw from Olin College. Students must file a College Withdrawal Form with the Assistant Dean of Student Life for Advising. Withdrawing for non medical reasons during a semester will yield a grade of W, Withdrew, on the academic record for all courses enrolled. If Voluntary Withdrawal occurs after the last instructional day of the semester, grades from that semester will appear on the transcript.

Medical Withdrawal

Students who need to withdraw from Olin College for medical reasons should complete a College Withdrawal Form with the Assistant Dean of Student Life for Advising. If a student intends to return to the college, he or she should follow the procedure outlined in the Leave of Absence policy. Medical Withdrawals during a semester (i.e., by the last instructional day of a semester) will result in deletion of the semester’s registration from the student’s record. Students may be entitled in these circumstances to a full or partial refund of certain expenses and fees according to the guidelines of the college’s refund policy. Medical documentation may be required to complete the process.

Return Following Withdrawal

Each request for readmission after withdrawal (required, voluntary, medical or administrative) is assessed on its individual merits; as such, readmission requirements will vary. Written approval from the Office of Student Life is required for readmission.