Engineering the Future

As the world’s only engineering lab school with a far-reaching vision for change, Olin College of Engineering is shifting the paradigm for engineering education—and successfully collaborating with other educators and institutions to catalyze needed change.

Olin instills passion and ignites innovation by focusing students on the needs of people in the real world. This broad perspective in the hands of creative and motivated students inspires technical mastery for a meaningful, tangible purpose. Olin “engineer innovators” envision and deliver products, services and systems that transform the way real people live on this planet.

As the Olin engineers move outward from our campus to other colleges and institutions and to towns and businesses around the world, we rely on those aligned with our mission to help engineer innovators. These partners are found across communities and companies; they are educational peers, entrepreneurial partners and exceptional people. Their goals are our goals, and their support is the fuel that brings us closer toward them, every day, in countless ways.