Student Projects

Olin believes that passions and exploration outside the classroom contributes to the overall enrichment of a college experience. Students’ passions come to life through interest-based clubs and organizations, ranging from highly structured engineering competition teams to international competitions to multi-year projects. Donors who wish to support student projects can give and choose the student project for the designation. Here are a few of the projects: 

Olin Electric Motorsports - is Olin College’s Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and Formula Hybrid competition team. Every year electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering students work together to design, build, and test a formula style prototype race-car. 

Olin Baja – is Olin College’s team who builds and races off-road vehicles. Vehicles designed by the BAJA group are made to withstand the rugged terrain and difficult obstacles in a variety of environments at the annual SAE BAJA competition.  

Olin Aquatic Robotic Systems, OARS – Olin College’s team who designs electrical systems and robotic software architecture to compete in a yearly global robotic sailing competition. 

AERO – is Olin College’s team who focuses on all kinds of planes and drones, with interest this year being in quadcopters and the development of a visual navigation system. They design, build and fly unmanned aerial vehicles.

Here is more information on some of the clubs at Olin and here is where to learn more about student life.