Class Gifts

Alumni class gifts were each established as a collective class passion to enrich the student experience and leave a legacy upon graduation. The availability of the updates are dependent on each fund's unique purpose and spending timeline. Prior to 2015, the aim was to create the designated funds with an endowment goal and long-term impact. Beginning in 2015, the focus evolved to have more immediate impact on the student experience and thus a timeline that concludes with the fiscal year of the respective graduation year. Please contact DFAR at for further inquiry.   

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Class gifts for Endowed or towards endowed status:

Class year & fund

Endowed Fund Info


Class of 2006 – Summer Book Program

Market Value* = $137,782
Spendable FY19= $6,852

Summer 2019 book is A Hole in the Wind: A Climate Scientist's Bicycle Journey Across the United States by David Goodrich

Class of 2007 & 2018 – Green Initiatives Fund

Market Value* = $92,901
Spendable FY19= $4,675

The campus has updated racks in the Bike room to bolster the GO Bike program and 3 AC classrooms (113, 126, 228) had all lighting updated to LED with new dimming controls.

Class of 2008 – Sports & Recreation Fund

Market Value* =$32,711
Spendable FY19=$1,642

Men’s soccer maintained steady participation and women’s soccer saw a dramatic increase in members. Olin Ultimate grew again and went to several tournaments. The fund also supported the disc golf course on campus which more and more students are trying and sticking with it.

Class of 2009 – Stockrooms fund

Market Value* =$30,064
Spendable FY19= $1,496

Stockroom materials (consumable and non-consumable) continually in use include hand tools, digital printing supplies and acrylic, metal, wood and foam. 

Class of 2010 – Passionate Pursuits Fund

Total at the close of FY18 = $11,323
Goal to endow = $25,000
Spendable for FY19 = $2,500

75 students participated in Spring 2018 and 70 students participated in Fall 2018 with funding ranging from $0 requested, up to $100

Class of 2011 – Project Based Learning Fund

Total at the close of FY18= $5,950
Goal to endow=$25,000
Spendable for FY19 = $2,500

Olin courses are project based and regularly evaluated through the innovation lens of Olin. This fall students of all four years worked in groups for hands-on learning initiatives. 

Class of 2012 – Tools Collection

Total at the close of FY18= $13,573
Goal to endow= $25,000
Spendable for FY19= $2,500

The Olin Library is looking at student needs and interest of specific tools.

Class of 2014 – Alumni Merit Scholarship Fund

Market Value*: $572,510
Awarded amount in FY19: $5,100

Alumni Merit Scholarship awards $75 to 7th semester seniors completing their degree or 8th semester seniors.

Class gifts of Current Use Funds:

Class year & fund

Current Status


Class of 2013 – Student-Alumni Engagement Fund

Total in the fund at the close of FY18: $16,872
FY19 funds raised as of April 2019: $300

The fund supported alumni to return to Olin as guest speakers for students in all the sections of Products & Markets course.

Class of 2015 – Apple Orchard Fund

Total in the fund at the close of FY18: $1457
FY19 funds raised as of April 2019: $125

The trees began producing fruit! Annual tree maintenance happens in the spring.

Class of 2016 - Assistive Technology Resource Center Fund

Total in the fund at the close of FY18: $370
FY19 funds raised as of April 2019: $25

The fund provides assistive devices so our present community members receive the support that they need to enjoy their work and the Olin campus.

Class of 2017 – Mental Health Resource Fund

Total in the Fund at the close of FY18: $554
FY19 funds raised as of April 2019: $1,140

This fund allowed the 3rd floor of the Campus Center to be repurposed into a Wellness and Engagement space for students where Colony Care on campus counseling occurs. On campus hours have increased to better meet student needs. The new space is open and bright and the fund provided new furniture and décor to make the space comfortable and inviting.

* Olin uses the twelfth quarter trailing average for some reporting purposes.