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Olin Named a Top College by College Factual

The statistics website College Factual, in collaboration with USA Today, has named Olin College of Engineering one of the top colleges in the United States and in Massachusetts, according to a new ranking of colleges released this week.

The results were published today in USA Today and online at USA Today College.

Olin placed #18 on the list of best colleges nationwide out of 1,387 institutions evaluated. The top 20 list of best colleges includes Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, Harvey Mudd and Amherst, among others. Olin placed #4 out of 63 colleges in Massachusetts, and #7 out of 122 colleges and universities in New England.

Olin was deemed a top school because of its strong focus on engineering, as well as its high graduation rates and high student retention rates. The rankings also highlighted Olin’s lower percentage of student loan default and a student-faculty ratio of just 8:1.

In addition, College Factual awards badges in different categories. Olin earned four badges in the engineering categories, making it one of the nation’s top 1 percent of all engineering colleges in the United States. The badges honor Olin’s intense focus on engineering.

In the story published in USA Today, College Factual CEO Bill Pheland says, “Many college rankings focus highly on inputs, such as student test scores, and often include subjective elements such as surveys. College Factual rankings are different as they focus highly on outputs, such as graduation rates and student loan default rates.”

The full list of rankings can be found here.