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Olin Offers Admission to the Class of 2020

Olin College offered admission to 114 applicants in 2016, an acceptance rate of 8.8 percent of the 1,293 total applications received for the Class of 2020.

The students come from across the United States, representing 34 states including California, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Washington, DC. In addition, students from seven countries around the world were offered admission, including France, South Korea, Brazil, Pakistan, India, Turkey, and Jamaica.

Of the 114 students, 57 percent are women and 35 percent of the domestic students have self-identified as students of color.

“Our applicant pool is consistently very strong, necessitating a holistic review process that is comprehensive and detailed,” said Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Emily Roper-Doten. “Nearly seventeen percent of the applicant pool was invited to participate in Candidates’ Weekends, the second phase of our unique admission process. After that, each admitted student was chosen for the outstanding range of qualities they will bring to Olin, including intellectual strength, creativity, entrepreneurial mindset and ability to work collaboratively with peers.”   

Every Olin College student receives a merit-based scholarship currently valued at more than $93,000 over four years. In addition, admitted students who qualify for aid beyond the Olin Tuition Scholarship have been awarded an average need-based grant and scholarship package of $49,536.

This year’s applicant pool was the largest in Olin’s history. Over the past four years, applications to Olin have increased 61 percent.

“We were intentional in our recruitment and selection processes in order to identify students who represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and share Olin’s core values,” said Roper-Doten. “We are excited to see how the Class of 2020 will enhance the Olin community.”

Applicants have until May 1 to inform the college of their decision.