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Sara Hendren to Exhibit at South by South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art and Action

Assistant Professor of Design Sara Hendren will participate as an exhibitor at South by South Lawn: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art, and Action on October 3, 2016, in coordination with the American Film Institute (AFI), National Parks Foundation, President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities (PCAH), and South by Southwest®.

Hendren will be traveling to Washington with Associate Professor of Practice in Design Tim Ferguson Sauder and Olin College students Gabrielle Clark, Aaron Greiner and Keenan Zucker. Hendren heads up the Adaptation and Ability Group at Olin College.

The exhibit, Investigating Normal: Design for Every Body, is an immersive, interactive, and surprising look at technologies for human ability, disability, and body variation. From things you wear to the environments you live in, this large-scale installation invites people to test the basic assumptions we make about what counts as normal. Visitors will investigate the designs that have helped and hindered atypical bodies, whether it's ramps for skateboarders and wheelchair users, furniture for unusually short stature, or customized prosthetic limbs.

“I'm so pleased to be included in this fascinating set of talks and ideas,” said Hendren. “We're planning an immersive, interactive look at disability and technology, from wearables to architecture, that helps all of us ask better questions about prosthetics, about ideas of normalcy, and about the inclusive future we want to build.”

South by South Lawn, an event inspired by South by Southwest, brings together creators, innovators, and organizers who work day in and day out to improve the lives of their fellow Americans and people around the world. It is a call to arms for every American to roll up their sleeves and make a positive mark on our country — and a celebration of the great work that we have already accomplished together.

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