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Olin College Welcomes the Class of 2023

The Olin College Class of 2023 is now confirmed. In all, 87 students from across the United States and around the world will arrive on campus in August.

“Olin is so lucky to have 88 exceptional students join our dynamic community of creative thinkers and engineering innovators. The Class of 2023 is smart and kind and motivated to make an impact in the world,” said Emily Roper-Doten, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid.

This Olin class, in addition to being academically excellent, embraces a wide range of extraordinary extracurricular activities. One incoming student built a low-power sustainable refrigerator to use in developing countries, and another is the lead designer for a device that attempts to rid the Florida Everglades of harmful algae blooms; one student wrote a dystopian novel, and another is a Lyme disease researcher. In addition, the class includes musicians, dancers, newspaper editors, skateboarders and, of course, roboticists.

The Olin Admission and Financial Aid team has also made significant outreach in the past several years to reach an economically and racially diverse set of students. The effort is meeting with considerable success.

The incoming class is:

  • 58 percent female identified
  • 51 percent domestic students of color
  • 19 percent underrepresented students of color
  • 10 percent international students
  • 7 percent first-generation college students
  • 19 percent Pell eligible

The admission process at Olin begins with a holistic review of an applicant as a complete person: their academic preparation and potential, how they spend their time and who they are in their community. But academics and extracurricular activities are just part of what the Olin Admission and Financial Aid office considers as it carefully evaluates each candidate’s application; a desire to improve the world through engineering is another. On the application, students are asked: “Olin is a community striving to improve the world and improve people’s lives through engineering education. What change do you hope to be a part of? Why is this particular change important to you? How do you want to improve the world?” Answers this year ranged from developing technology to assisting the elderly to working on projects related to sustainability and climate change.  

As always at Olin, after applications are reviewed, a number of prospective students are then invited to Olin’s campus to engage in a two-day Candidates’ Weekend in which students participate in a design challenge, individual interviews and a group exercise.

The Class of 2023 represents students with a wide range of interests and from different identities and perspectives.

They also represent 21 states, including several students from Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana and Utah. In a twist, the top five states represented are Massachusetts, California, New York, Washington and Minnesota, edging out Florida, Texas and New Jersey. Olin will also be home for the next four years to students from India, South Korea, Colombia, France, Nigeria, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and Turkey.

Move-in day for the Class of 2023 is August 24, 2019.