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Olin Launches New Recruitment Partners Program

Olin College of Engineering has launched a new Premier Recruitment Partners program, an initiative that will provide corporate partners with highly personalized services designed to help them build stronger connections with Olin students. At the same time, it will allow students to develop deeper associations with a range of top-tier companies actively recruiting new engineers.

Premier Recruitment Partners can engage in this program for a fee, and in return they gain access to perks such as optimal booth placement at both career fairs, deeper engagement with campus clubs, priority booking of information sessions and opportunities to creatively connect with students throughout the year.

At the moment, Olin has about 100 companies coming to campus each year. “We are fortunate to have so many companies competing for students’ attention.  This program can help create additional touchpoints between these key partners and our community,” says Sally Phelps, Director of Post-Graduate Planning at Olin.

Olin works closely with each Premier Recruitment Partner to develop a strategic recruitment plan that will benefit students as well as the company.  For example, Pivotal Software will lead a workshop called ‘Pop Your Profile’ with students to help them spruce up their LinkedIn profiles. “We consider programs like this a win-win: Students get good coaching directly from recruiters and engineers, and Pivotal gets a closer look at our students,” says Phelps.

Phelps’ team developed the Premier Recruitment Partnership program after doing a competitive analysis of top-tier universities. “We looked at other schools’ programs and realized that our students could benefit from this type of relationship with a smaller number of companies that are willing to provide real-world advice and strong technical experience,” Phelps says 

Olin has offered partnership status to companies due to their long connections with the college, mostly through their SCOPE sponsorships, including GE Healthcare, Ford Motors and MathWorks.

Other partners include software companies Pivotal, Cognex and Tableau Software; space exploration pioneer Blue Origin; and the online marketing group Constant Contact.

Contact Sally Phelps to learn more.

Director of Post-Graduate Planning

Olin College of Engineering