Director of Non-discrimination Initiatives- Title IX and ADA/Section 504 Coordinator

About the position

The Director of Non-Discrimination Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator an ADA/Section 504 Coordinator is a jointly held position between neighboring Wellesley College and Olin College. Wellesley and Olin have a tradition of working in close partnership with one another because of the distinctive strengths of each institution and the leadership commitment from their respective presidents.

The Director of Non-Discrimination is responsible for managing each College’s compliance with Title IX, Title VII, Title VI, ADA, Rehabilitation Act Section 504 and other state and federal laws relating to discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.  The Director is responsible for conducting or supervising investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct involving students and, in coordination with the respective Human Resources and Provost’s offices, allegations involving staff and/or faculty.  The Director is also responsible for maintaining each College’s policies regarding discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct, as well as assisting in reviewing and revising the internal processes and practices for the investigation and adjudication of these issues, as may be needed.  The Director is also responsible for developing and conducting training for students, staff, and faculty on all issues of discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.  As the ADA/504 Coordinator, the Director is responsible for monitoring the Colleges’ compliance with state and federal laws regarding accessibility. At Wellesley, they serve as the co-chair of the 504 Committee and handle grievances relating to accommodations process or disability discrimination/ harassment. At Olin, they work closely with the Disability Services office and HR for student and employee related issues, respectively.

The Director also interacts and collaborates with many groups and offices on campus to build relationships that serve as the foundation for cooperation and open dialogue with and among students, faculty, and staff.  The Director reports to the President’s Office of each College, and will coordinate closely with other members of college leadership on an as-needed basis.  

Education, Prevention, and Outreach

  • Provide information to students, faculty, and staff regarding their rights and responsibilities with regard to each College’s sexual misconduct and Title IX programs, as well as all issues of discrimination and harassment, including information about the resources available on and off campus, how to access these resources, and Wellesley’s/Olin’s policies and processes.

  • Work to ensure an equitable and welcoming campus climate by leading, supporting, and communicating regularly with the College communities about their Title IX and nondiscrimination programs and efforts to prevent sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment. The Director must also effectively collaborate with students, faculty, and staff working on such efforts.

  • Conduct, oversee, or coordinate training for Wellesley and Olin students, faculty, and staff about the Colleges’ nondiscrimination policies and grievance procedures, including all issues of sexual misconduct, discrimination and harassment, as well as training directed at prevention of sexual misconduct, discrimination and harassment.

  • Partner with relevant student life offices on education initiatives to support students who have been impacted by discrimination, harassment or sexual misconduct or who are involved in grievance processes.

Institutional Monitoring and Compliance relating to discrimination

  • Ensure that Wellesley’s and Olin’s policies, procedures and practices comply with Title IX, Title VII, Title VI, ADA, Rehabilitation Act Section 504 and other state and federal laws.

  • As Title IX Coordinator, ensure that Wellesley’s and Olin’s policies, procedures, and practices regarding sex discrimination and harassment and sexual misconduct reflect best practices and comply with Title IX, other federal laws related to the Title IX program and sexual misconduct on campus (e.g., the Violence Against Women Act and the Campus Sexual Assault and Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act), and any relevant state law (including the Massachusetts Campus Sexual Violence Act).

  • As ADA/504 Coordinator, monitor Wellesley’s and Olin’s compliance with state and federal laws regarding accessibility and handle grievances relating to accommodations process or disability discrimination/ harassment. Serve as the co-chair of the Wellesley 504 Committee and work closely with Disability Services at Olin.

  • Ensure that complaints, reports, and investigations of all forms of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct are handled in accordance with Wellesley/Olin College policies and apply prompt, fair, and impartial practices and standards. This includes the receipt, evaluation, investigation, and resolution of complaints, as well as training of those involved in investigations and adjudication.

  • Facilitate coordination and collaboration with and among Wellesley/Olin College offices on discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct issues. At Wellesley, these offices include the Division of Student Life, Office of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity, Office of the Provost, General Counsel, Office of Disability Services, and Campus Police. At Olin, these offices include Student Affairs and Resources, Human Resources, Disability Services, and Public Safety.

  • Identify and manage outside investigators, and conduct investigations as needed, on matters of discrimination, harassment and sexual misconduct involving students, staff and faculty, in coordination with Human Resources, and other departments as needed.

  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with Title IX coordinators at neighboring Boston-area campuses, with the goal of facilitating and promoting joint training and prevention efforts and coordinating support for Wellesley and Olin students involved in sexual misconduct cases on other campuses.

  • Collaborate with many groups and offices on campus to build relationships that serve as the foundation for cooperation and open dialogue with and among students, faculty, and staff. 

  • Serve as Wellesley’s and Olin’s institutional representative on Title IX and sexual misconduct related matters, including in communications with government officials.

  • Enhance professional qualifications through ongoing participation in conferences, seminars, and other professional development activities.

  • Maintain records in accordance with the law and Wellesley/Olin College policies.

  • Coordinate reporting and assist Wellesley Campus Police / Olin Public Safety on Clery Act-related matters.

Assessment and Reporting

  • Lead periodic review of all complaints/reports of sexual misconduct and in coordination with the appropriate Wellesley/Olin College offices (including, at Wellesley, the Division of Student Life, Office of Human Resources, and Campus Police, and, at Olin, Student Affairs and Resources, Human Resources, and Public Safety) to identify and address any patterns/systemic issues. 

  • In collaboration with the Wellesley and Olin Offices of Institutional Research and with students, faculty, and staff, coordinate and/or oversee the development and implementation of any assessments (e.g., surveys) of campus climate and policies and procedures to address sexual misconduct.

  • Utilize, review, and assess findings to enhance the effectiveness of each College’s policies, compliance, and education efforts around discrimination, harassment, ADA/Section 504 and sexual misconduct and address the need for modifying policies. 

  • May include other responsibilities as assigned and not listed here

  • Ability to maintain independent records and confidentiality across two separate, but complementary, colleges.
  • Significant Title IX, non-discrimination, ADA/504 or related experience is required
  • A degree in a relevant field such as a law degree is preferred
  • Comprehensive knowledge of current state and federal law and regulations—as well as identified best practices and trends in the field of education—related to discrimination, harassment, disabilities, and sexual misconduct on college campuses
  • Understanding of recent developments regarding sexual misconduct on campus are impacting campuses across the country, and how Title IX and related laws impact women’s colleges in particular
  •  Understanding of the residential college experience and a passion to work collaboratively within a highly consultative campus culture
  • Ability to build rapport, work collaboratively with, and navigate complex issues across constituencies on and off campus, including students, faculty, and staff
  • Cultural competence and sensitivity to the concerns and needs of diverse student, faculty, and staff populations
  • Experience working with confidential and sensitive information
  • Sound judgment, objectivity, and integrity
  • Talent for listening and facilitating difficult conversations
  • Ability to lead, manage, and inspire teams
  • Ability to prepare and present detailed reports, educational programs, training, and assessments
  • Excellent written and oral communication, problem-solving, conflict resolution, planning, presentation, and project management skills


All employees hired after August 2, 2021 are required to upload proof of vaccination against COVID‐19, subject to approved medical or religious exemptions or disability accommodations.

Please review the details for the position before applying for the opening.  You should have your completed resume/cv and cover letter ready to upload.  You should upload both documents on the third page (the required section is named resume/cv – this is also where you should upload your cover letter).   These documents should either be in a PDF format (.pdf) or a Word document (.doc) format.

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