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NSF (www.nsf.gov):Proposals to NSF must be submitted electronically via either the NSF FastLane System or Grants.gov, the federal-wide portal for finding and applying for grants.  Proposals submitted via FastLane should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the general guidelines contained in the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG). The complete text of the GPG is available electronically at: http://www.nsf.gov/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=gpg.

Proposals submitted via Grants.gov should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the NSF Grants.gov Application Guide: A Guide for the Preparation and Submission of NSF Applications via Grants.gov. The complete text of the NSF Grants.gov Application Guide is available on the Grants.gov website and on the NSF website at:

NSF Registration

Basic Requirement s for NSF proposals Download File

NIH: Most competing grant programs at NIH require electronic application submission.  Applicant organizations submit using Grants.gov.  The PI must be registered in the NIH eRA Commons prior to submitting to Grants.gov.

NIH eRA Commons Registration

How to apply via Grants.gov Download File

Grants.gov (www.grants.gov) - Download File



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