Average Timeline from Proposal to Award

When planning your application, figure the journey will take from 5 to 20 months from the time you submit to the day you get an award if your application is funded on the first try—far longer if you need to resubmit. That time does not include the several months it will take you to plan and write your application.

Initial preparation:  Plan on two months or more of dedicated time to prepare for a simple grant, e.g., one that does not include vertebrate animals or human subjects.

Getting feedback: Allot at least two weeks to finalize your application; the time will vary depending on the responsiveness of your internal reviewers.

  • Send it to colleagues, mentors, and peers for an internal review.
  • Make changes resulting from that review.

Checks and edits:  Allow at least a week to check and recheck your application to make sure nothing is missing and all information is consistent, search for factual errors, check spelling and grammar, and proofread.

Submission:  Olin’s internal deadline is your due date, not the sponsor receipt date.

  • The proposal should be submitted well ahead of the receipt date in case you need to correct the application during submission.

Review and award:  After the receipt date, it will take roughly 5 to 20 months to go through both levels of review and get an award—assuming you succeed on the first try.