Key Facts

•In just 20 short years, Olin has vaulted to the top of the list of leading engineering educators globally.
•Olin is a living laboratory where students, faculty and staff learn alongside one another, reinventing curricula and pedagogy along the way.
•Olin has established itself as an institution renowned for reimagining STEM education and for redefining the positive impact engineers can have in the world.
•Olin’s original approach to integrating traditional engineering skills with design and entrepreneurial thinking, reinforced through repeated, large-scale practice in project-based and stakeholder-focused work, has become a widespread standard for engineering education.
•Olin’s mission extends beyond campus, across the globe as it works in partnership with others to build institutions, inspire lasting impact, and effect transformation in the design and delivery of engineering education. 

Who We Are

•We focus on people, not things.  
•We aim to do what is important even when it may be difficult.  
•We create value.  
•We are design and systems thinkers.  
•We engage with the critical issues of our day.  
• We prototype and experiment  

What Makes Us Different?

•We experiment
•We collaborate
•We consider consequences