August 18, 2020

Dear Olin Students and Families,

We are rapidly approaching the start of the fall semester, and there is A LOT happening! In addition to what we have shared in our weekly updates, there is much more going on behind the scenes. So much of these efforts are due to an enormous amount of cross-campus collaboration that we know will have a positive impact on all of our experiences this fall.

This past weekend, we shared our progress with Olin’s Board of Trustees, who expressed their appreciation for our community’s thoughtful preparedness.

As we get closer to the beginning of the semester, you should expect to receive communications from various departments at Olin. Below you will find some important updates:  

IT Updates 

The Information Technology team has been working with the rest of the campus to enhance support for our community during the pandemic. Working with Academic Affairs, the team has launched an institutional Canvas instance to create a platform for faculty and students to facilitate the online course experience for those classes that want to adopt it. Olin is working to add outside Wifi to the Oval to make it easier to work and play in that space. The team is also working with SolidWorks to increase our number of licenses and improve the remote license checkout process. Olin has recently joined the GitHub Campus Program, and has an official GitHub presence at team is also reminding us all to keep our Zoom clients updated so we can take advantage of the latest security and feature updates. And, of course, the IT team is working hard to get first year laptops imaged and ready for deployment, including shipping to those who will not be on campus. 

Arrival and Living On Campus 

An updated version of the Living on Campus Guide will be sent to students this week. We are making updates to the document based on recent changes, including revised Massachusetts travel and quarantine requirements. While the document is not significantly from Version 1, we ask that all students read through the updated version thoroughly before arriving on campus. 

Instructions for signing up for an arrival and move in time were sent to students. If you haven’t chosen a time, please do so ASAP! 

Orientation for the Class of 2024 

Student Affairs will also be sending information about Orientation to the Class of 2024 this week. This year’s Orientation program involves components for late August as well as real time, virtual components that will take place the first week of September, immediately before classes start. 

Upcoming Orientation Dates 

Week of August 17th

Online, self-guided Orientation content released  
(including class intro videos)  

August 25 

AHS Foundation info sessions and AHS advising for new students 

August 26th-August 28th 

Students register for AHS classes via an electronic form 

September 2nd and 3rd 

First-years move-in 

September 4th-7th: 

“In Real Time” Zoom Orientation  

September 5-7th

Returning students move-in 

Bubble Basics 

Once you arrive on campus, you will see “Olin Bubble Basics” signage that we have prepared to help all members of our community adhere to all required health and safety practices. Here’s a preview!

Olin Bubble Basics sign for staying healthy on campus

We look forward to seeing many of you at our next Olin Ahead Zoom Office Hours, a week from Thursday, on August 27, from 2-3 p.m. ET.


Jeremy Goodman and Lynn Andrea Stein 
on behalf of the OACT