Dear Olin Students, Families, Staff and Faculty,

We are looking forward to slowing down at the end of this week after the fast pace of this unique fall semester. The dining staff is planning a wonderful holiday brunch for our on-campus students on Thanksgiving Day and StAR also has a few fun surprises planned!

Today, we have the results from the non-binding Declaration of Intent Form, which was due on November 6th and had a 96% response rate. Here is what we know so far about students’ enrollment and housing intentions for the spring:

Class Year Respondees Enrolling Respondees Not Enrolling Total Responses
2021 72 5 77
2022 66 13 79
2023 69 12 81
2024 87 0 87
Class Year Respondees On-Campus Respondees Off-Campus Total Responses
2021 35 37 72
2022 26 40 66
2023 35 34 69
2024 77 10 87

As of today, it appears that we will welcome 173 students to campus this spring, compared to 113 this fall. We are happy to share that we will be able to house all students who requested housing by the deadline. Registration will take place shortly after break, from December 1-11. Both the housing forms and course registration will give us more accurate information about student plans for the spring.

Please scroll down for an updated spring planning timetable and contact with any questions.

Wishing you and your families a safe and restful Thanksgiving break.


Jeremy Goodman and Lynn Andrea Stein

Course Schedule Circulated November 20
Advising "Week" November 23 – December 10
Registration (students sign up for spring classes) December 1-11
Reissuance of Financial Aid (taking into account spring changes) Mid December
Term Bills

Posted: December 18

Due: January 18

Last Date for Pre-Semester Leave/Withdraw January 27
Spring Semester Begins January 28