Olin College Convocation 2020 Event Header

A white arrow with a pink circle background WENDESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 at 10:00 AM

Please join us as we officially welcome the Class of 2025 to Olin!

Don’t miss this chance to welcome first years and get together with your Olin family!

Read a special message to the Olin community from President Barabino on Convocation and this year's Summer Reading.

Olin College Convocation 2020 event footer

What is the purpose of Convocation?

Convocation is the “recognition of the scholarly circle of life” marking the entrances and exits of students into the academic life of the college. New student convocation is often the event officially welcoming students to their academic career. It is intended also to convey to students the importance of their educational work and to show the school’s commitment to support students as they pursue their education.

New student convocation serves several purposes for students in addition to welcoming them to the school and into the community. It is intended to inspire them to strive for success and to aid them in coming together as an entering class as well as to help them feel a connection to the existing academic community. It serves as a bookend to the commencement ceremony which marks the end of their college career.