Laurel Rodriguez Mitton ’23Laurel Rodriguez Mitton ’23

Admission Ambassador

Hello! I'm Laurel, class of 2023, from the San Francisco Bay Area. I'm going to major in Mechanical Engineering. I love making interesting pieces of metal, being outside, dancing, taking photos, making cloth-based or cloth-adjacent items, hanging out with animals (especially my horses, dogs, and goats), and much more. Here at Olin, I'm part of the electric race car team (Olin Electric Motorsports, aka Formula), the Ultimate team, and the fire arts club (OFAC). In my kind of nonexistent free time, I also bake, sew, play Minecraft, and have a mini garden in my room (it's made of like three plants but I love them anyway). I'd love to answer any questions you have about Olin, anything I mentioned above, or whatever else you want!

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