Vedaant Kuchhal'24Vedaant Kuchhal '24

Admission Ambassador

Hi folks! I’m Vedaant, from Bangalore, India. I’m in the Class of 2024, and I have absolutely no idea about what I’ll be majoring in. At Olin, I’m involved in the MIX (that’s the Multicultural Innovators eXperience; ping me to ask more!) and I’m also going to be an ARC (an Academic Resource Co-designer; once again ask me!). My brain is consistently occupied with things like sustainability, math, and reflecting on my cultural identity. Apart from that, I love biking, playing the piano, bingeing YouTube, and much more. As Covid restrictions on campus ease, I look forward to dabbling in many, many more things at Olin! I’d love to answer questions about everything I spoke about above (and much more I can’t fit in here), so reach out to me about anything!

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