Prisha Sadhwani '23Prisha Sadwani '23

Admission Ambassador

Hey! I’m Prisha, your friendly neighborhood SoCal native (Torrance in particular)! I’m in the Class of 2023 as an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, but I’m also a *huge* robotics nerd. I’m part of the Olin Robotics Lab, Student Government Director of Service, course assistant for OFYI (Olin First Year Introduction), and a newly appointed ARC (Academic Resource Co-Designer - basically I get trained to work with people on organization/time management/self-regulation stuff). Outside of all that, though, I love to bake, spend way too much time on Spotify, binge-watch shows (B99, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Parks and Rec, other shows I can’t remember), eat, and go on spontaneous adventures with my friends. Feel free to reach out about anything at all, I’d love to chat!

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