GREAT: Grant for Remaking Education through Action Together

As a participant in Remaking Education, you are invited to submit a proposal for a project that will bring an idea hatched during the event to fruition. The Remaking Education team will select a fledgling idea that would not have existed if it weren’t for the special kinds of collaborations fostered at the event, and give it a meaningful nudge towards becoming reality.


We are offering the GREAT in order to translate ideas into action. Proposals should outline a bold vision for meaningful change in education and a plan for achieving it (or at least making real progress towards it).  We have purposely left the specific content open to your creativity.

Who Can Apply for this Grant?

All proposed projects must include at least one person who was present at Remaking Education on November 2. Competitive proposals will include people from more than one institution or organization who were present at the event. That being said, teams that include individuals who were not present at the event will certainly be considered. We welcome applications from anyone in the education ecosystem: K-12 public or private schools, colleges and universities, non-profits, or any other place that is working to remake education.

Who Cannot Apply for this Grant?

Proposals for initiatives wholly internal to Olin or Emerson Colleges are not eligible, nor are projects proposed by teams primarily comprised of faculty, staff and students from Olin or Emerson Colleges. Applicants are welcome to partner with faculty, staff and students from Olin and/or Emerson, however. Teams that include international representatives are welcome, although a U.S.-based partner is required.

Selection Criteria

- Boldness.  The strongest proposals will lay out a bold vision for how this project might catalyze audacious change.

- Viability Show us a viable path for making that bold vision a reality.

- Collaboration.  The Remaking Education event was developed through deep collaboration between faculty, staff and students at Olin College and Emerson College. We believe that the most impactful interventions grow out of such collaborative efforts and we will prioritize this aspect of the proposals we receive. 

- Experimentation. We are looking for a proposal that embraces the spirit of experimentation. This means that they have a bias towards action, some built-in iteration, and a clear plan for assessing impact.

- Contextual Awareness.  We expect proposals to include a meaningful plan for attending to the social and ethical aspects of their intentions. 

The proposal submission form can be found HERE.


  • November 2, 2018 – Remaking Education
  • November 7, 2018 – GREAT guidelines available
  • January 25, 2019 – Proposals Due
  • mid-to-late February, 2019 – GREAT Recipient Announced 

If you have questions, please contact us at: