Research at Olin

One important facet of an Olin faculty member's role is to engage in meaningful externally-facing work through activities such as research, entrepreneurship, technical and educational consulting, creative work and more. Our externally-facing work is valued for the impact it has on outside stake-holders such as research communities, companies, other universities, the general public and others. The majority of our faculty engage in research as part of their “external impact” portfolios, and they typically involve groups of undergraduate students. For our students, conducting research with a dedicated faculty mentor can be a pivotal experience, and these experiences provide excellent preparation for graduate school and other career choices.  

Some of the research conducted at Olin is funded by external federal agencies such as the NSF and NIH, private foundations such as the Mellon Foundation and the Henry Luce Foundation, or through companies. Other research projects are funded through internal grants including the Olin College Faculty Development Program and the Student Activity Grants. Our Office for Corporate, Foundation and Sponsored Programs coordinates external funding of all research activities. 

We invite you to learn more about some of the research projects at Olin that our students and faculty are leading.

 “Research at PUIs (primarily undergraduate institutes) accomplishes far more than merely training the scientists of tomorrow. It is also making an impact today.” 

– David Rovnyak, Bucknell University, University Business, May 30, 2017