Transforming Engineering Education

Olin was founded to become an important and constant contributor to the advancement of engineering education in America and throughout the world.  In pursuit of this mission, Olin faculty engage in education research, education consulting and the development of innovative, research-based student learning opportunities.

Education Research

We drive positive change in engineering education by conducting novel education and pedagogy research to best understand student motivation, self-efficacy, project-based learning, gender in engineering, the long-term benefits of different pedagogical approaches, and how faculty development and training can impact student learning. The findings from this research are then disseminated broadly outside of Olin and within Olin to improve our learning opportunities for our own students. 

Academic Inspiration

Olin faculty work with institutions across the globe to help them design contextual student-centered learning experiences. To find out more about our programs, including our one-day Fall Workshop and week-long Summer Institute, please click here.

Innovative Curriculum

We also contribute to positive change in engineering education by developing and testing innovative courses that are interdisciplinary, team-taught, and designed using research on student learning. Learn more about our curriculum

A Whole New Engineer

A Whole New Engineer written by Olin College Professor Mark Somerville and Emeritus Professor at the University of Illinois David Goldberg, is an acclaimed book described by Tony Wagner as “Far more than an inspiring story about the transformation of engineering education, this book serves as a call to action and blueprint for reinventing all education for the twenty-first century.”