Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

Participating in undergraduate research can play an important role in your educational experience. The Olin Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides the opportunity to get involved with research happening on campus. Projects can take place during the academic year and/or over the summer, offering enriching experiences to help you:

  • build deeper connections with faculty;
  • learn more about areas that interest you;
  • gain practical experience for your future career or educational pursuits; and
  • be a part of the wider research community at Olin.

Projects may be funded through government-sponsored grants, foundations, subcontracts, individual donors, and corporate partners. If you are an external partner and are interested in exploring a potential UROP project with your own dedicated student research team, please contact Susan Mihaildis or a UROP faculty member.

Interested students: check out a sampling of research projects at Olin or contact a faculty member who might share your interests. If you would like help making a connection, please contact Susan Mihailidis.

Research Funding Opportunities

If you would like to support student research at Olin, please consider making a donation to our Undergraduate Research Fund as we help our Olin students broaden and deepen their educational experience. Working closely with a dedicated faculty mentor gives students context for the concepts they learn in class and offers them the exhilarating experience of discovering something new. They are able to go deeper into topics of interest and gain valuable skills for the future.

Donations from alumni, parents, companies and friends play an important role in supporting student-faculty research teams.

Please consider donating today!