Health and Safety Protocols  

Vaccination  requirement  

Olin is requiring all employees and students to be vaccinated for COVID-19.  All students and employees (including those employed through our partners at Aramark and Rebecca’s Culinary Group) must provide proof  to the college  that they have received a  vaccine  approved for use by either the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the World Health Organization (WHO).

Below, you will find information about those  vaccines and where people in the United States can find a vaccination appointment.

Employees. Employees must  complete the secure  COVID Vaccination Status Form for Employees  on the web.  You will need to upload an image of your vaccination card or documentation from your health provider that your vaccination is completed.   We recognize that in rare instances there are valid reasons for an exemption to this requirement due to a medical need or sincerely held religious belief.  Those requesting a medical or religious exemption must also complete the  COVID Vaccination Exemption Request Form.  If an employee is in the process of getting vaccinated, but will not be fully vaccinated by August 16, they may write to  Jeremy Goodman  at to appeal for a brief extension prior to the deadline. 

Students. Students must log in to the Student Health Portal to confirm their vaccination status. Please upload an image of your vaccination card as an “Immunization Record” in the portal. Students who have not submitted their completed vaccination card or obtained an exemption will not be permitted to move into their residence hall room and may lose their housing eligibility. If you do not have access to vaccination for COVID-19 where you currently live, please contact Beth Grampetro at to discuss your options. If you encounter problems uploading your vaccine card, or if you have questions about exemptions to this mandate, please contact Babson Health Services at

Masks and Social Distancing  

As you may know, the CDC has recently recommended that those living in regions that have “substantial” or “high” coronavirus transmission should wear a mask when indoors, regardless of vaccination status. Currently, Norfolk County is at “substantial’ risk. Therefore, Olin College will implement an indoor masking requirement on campus until the public health situation indicates that masking is no longer needed.

Individuals on campus should generally wear masks in all indoor areas where other people may be present. You can find more information about effective masks here and here.

Some special cases for consideration are below. Stay tuned for more detailed information and please share any questions you have with