SERV is the umbrella organization for community service at Olin. We are here to Support, Encourage, and Recognize Volunteerism in every form in the community.

SERV consists largely of individual community service projects which involve groups of students, faculty and staff who meet regularly to do community service. Any member of the Olin community may start a project. Each project selects its own leader who is responsible for all aspects of the project including getting volunteers, determining budget needs, coordinating with the appropriate outside organizations and making necessary practical arrangements. SERV is always available to provide advice and support.

Did you know? SERV can reimburse you for travel or other expenses related to service activities! To request a reimbursement, fill out this form HERE. 

SERV is governed by two elected student officers and three faculty/staff advisers who foster community awareness, increase involvement in community service activities and generally work to support and coordinate community service activities at Olin. They coordinate with outside groups seeking volunteers, plan one-time and whole community events, maintain the website, charter projects, make budgeting decisions and generally deal with community service concerns that arise throughout the year.

Have you volunteered recently? Fill out this FORM to let SERV know of your efforts. Students who accumulate enough service hours thoughout the academic year will be invited to attend a volunteer thank-you banquet at the end of the spring semester.



SERV works closely with the Office of Faith and Service at Babson College, which partners with a number of local organizations within the community. Be sure to check HERE for upcoming service opportunities with Babson!